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Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to looking your best. Practicing healthy eating habits and working out regularly will not only help your body look better but also feel better and prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease which are both growing epidemics among African American Communities. The American Diabetes Association estimates 4.9 million non-Hispanic African American Americans aged 20 years or older have diagnosed diabetes. According to Centers for Disease Control National survey African Americans are 77% more likely to have diagnosed diabetes compared to Caucasians. These astronomical statistics call for our immediate attention and action to eat a healthy diet and get active. There are multiple options for gym memberships from affordable to more exclusive club memberships that fit your budget. The days of feeling pressure to purchase expensive home equipment to achieve a healthy body are over. We now know thanks to youtube home workout videos, that we can get a high intensity workout right in the comfort of our own homes if the gym is not enjoyable to you . There are countless videos that you can watch to use as a guide during your workout. If you are the type of person who does not enjoy working out indoors, One of the most effective workouts is going for a run. Here are a few tips to maximize your health&fitness results.Keep it consistent for stopping prolongs your goals. Achieving the health and fitness you desire will not only help you feel more confident but also improve the quality of life and reduce your chance of developing any of the disease discussed earlier. It is perfectly fine to start your workout plan at a slow pace.

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