March 09, 2023 2 min read

The 60s were the most influential eras for the establishment of 'modern' fashion. 

The 60s are revolutionary movements to fashion trends. 1960s fashion in which women are wearing everything from skirts above the knee to white knee boots; to printed tights & stockings and coordinating accessories were emphasized as one decade transitioned into the next. Below our editors 've curated pieces that must be in your wardrobe collection this season.


Minishirts were popularized by the iconic Mary Quant, she was one of the designers who took credit for the miniskirt and hotpants. It highlights and enhances the feminine silhouette, which made it increasingly popular around the world. Wear this must-have spring looks along with other seasonal trends.




White boots (Go-go boots)

The famous white boots set by André Courrèges, kept evolving until a knee-high length and turned out to be the signature of the Go-go dancers. Wear yours with miniskirts or dresses, they certainly add a daring touch to any look.




Silk Scarf

A silk scarf was a must-have '60s accessory, printed silk scarves can be tied around the neck or worn as a glamorous hair piece. As well as to accessorize the handles of your favorite purse. They have the ability to effortlessly elevate any look.



Sporty Mode

Sport-style sunglasses were popular during the late 1960s and they are having a major moment. And if you just want to look sporty while keeping it trendy, get some sport mode style sunglasses.

Patterned Tights

Tights and stockings were a key part of women's fashion back in the 60s fashion era. Printed tights decorated with stripes, polka dots and various colors, shapes and designs.