August 19, 2022 2 min read

Fashion has been used to progress the feminist agenda usually through shared symbolism. 

The fashion industry is home to many powerhouse designers using their garments to speak out including the renowned designer Maria Grazia Chiuir. Making History as Christian Dior’s First appointed female Artistic Director Maria Grazia Chiuri feminist statements ring boldly down the runways. During her debut collection at Paris Fashion week September 2016 a T-shirt “We should all be Feminist” tucked into a floor-length sheer tulle skirt delivered the designers statement loud and clear. It was followed by another headlining t-shirt “Dio(R) Evolution sending a powerful message of the change in leadership at the prestigious fashion house.

       Photos @ Getty Images

Compelled to make her work as a designer bigger than herself Maria aims to collaborate with women of diverse backgrounds. She celebrates the strength of women as reproducers and as PRODUCERS. Marcia Grazia Chiuri envisions a world where women have a more collective vision, more sharing, and sisterhood.

It's not just designers portraying messages through clothing, we as a brand celebrate the power of feminine energy dedicating our collection to all women. 

The VAGINA t-shirt & apparel collection is a fashion extension of the My Vagina is Royal Candle collection founded by Awarded Creative Director & Entrepreneur Keiana Armani. The vagina T-shirt & apparel collection highlights the "My Vagina is Royal" bold statement reverberating the feminist revelation, reinforcing  the regality of the female body.


The collection represents women’s rights, celebrating women and their achievements – whether they are social, economic, cultural, or political – every single day of the year. A brand whose mission is to stand with women and women's right to have full control over their vaginas.