December 30, 2022 2 min read

The new year is a great time to commit to a healthier lifestyle, and fitness is the popular genre for a new year's resolution.

With the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions—many of which have to do with losing weight. When it comes to setting your fitness goals, it’s essential that they are doable and achievable. One of the best ways you can do this is to work at your level. And other is consistency which is a vital component to achieving any results that you want.


    Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution

Have realistic goals

To start with your weight loss plan, you first need to set realistic goals, have those goals which can actually be achieved. And make a plan of action for how you will achieve your weight loss goals.

Create a deadline


For your New Year’s weight-loss resolution to be a success, create a deadline. You feel more motivated and urgent when you have a deadline. A deadline gives you a sense of purpose and urgency.

Make time to exercise


Healthy eating combined with physical activity can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight. The more active you are, the more energized and empowered you’ll feel. ‘Working out can improve your metabolism, increase your amount of lean muscle mass, and help you maintain an overall healthier and high-functioning body’, says Keiana Armanicertified fitness trainer and CEO of Indigobluestyle.

Keep healthy groceries

Think about good food choices as a form of self-care when it comes to New Year’s weight loss goals. Stack up on healthy foods, whole grains, fresh veggies and fruits. When you eat at home, cover half of the plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with lean protein, and a quarter with whole grains.

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