June 25, 2022 2 min read

Your abs and your glutes are responsible for so many of the bodies movement, so pairing them at the same time can lead to a stronger body and overall better movement patterns.


Powerful glutes play a key role in how efficiently your body moves, can help improve posture, alleviate lower back, hip, and knee pain, enhance athletic performance, and help to limit the amount of stress put on your lower back. And having a strong core improves posture, functional strength, movement efficiency, and physical performance.

Check out lists of exercises that work them both at the same time which lead to a stronger body.

 Forearm Plank

The Forearm Plank strengthens the abs, legs and core. It is also good for stretching the arches of your feet as well as your calves, shoulders and hamstrings. And your abs aren’t the only muscle group getting some attention during the forearm plank. Your shoulders and upper back get a workout too.

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants will strengthen and tone your glutes and core. They’ll also improve the way your hip moves. This can reduce back pain, help your posture, and make everyday movement more comfortable, help to tone and strengthen your core muscles, to improve posture, to decrease the risk of lower limb injuries, to reduce back and knee pain.

Bird Dog With Elbow-To-Knee Touch

This exercise pose uses the whole bodyto target and strengthen your core, hips, and back muscles. strengthens the core—more specifically, the abdominal muscles, lower back, butt, and thighs.

Bodyweight squats

Bodyweight squats target your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and abdominals. Adding bodyweight squats to your walking routine will improve your physical fitness and tone the muscles of your lower body and abs.

Leg raise

This exercise targets your lower abs and hip muscles. Leg raises benefits include strengthening your core muscles, which can help prevent low back pain ,improves the strength and flexibility of your hips and lower back.

A kickback

Kickback, also known as a glute kickback, is a bodyweight exercise that targets muscle groups throughout your lower body—specifically your glute muscles and also targets hamstring and core.


This exercise also targets the glutes, hamstrings, upper back and shoulders, and abdominal muscles Collectively, this move supports a stronger core.

 Marching Glute Bridge

This glute bridge variation targets your glutes, but it also works your abs, your hamstrings, and your lower-back muscles. This exercise contributes towards flattening your tummy, focusing on the muscles in your six-pack, and working the obliques, which will give you a more defined waistline bridge helps to reduce lower back pain as well.