January 06, 2023 1 min read

Working out your back muscles helps you lift heavy stuff, improve your posture and hold you up.

Your back is responsible for everything from good posture to connecting the shoulders, hips, booty, and more. So performing back workouts can strengthen the back, insulate the body against some common injuries and help us to enjoy healthier lives.

Lateral Raise

This move targets the entire arm, shoulders, and back. Lateral raises enhance muscle growth (a process known as hypertrophy) and increase your range of motion.

Plank Up Down

Plank up down a great bodyweight movement that strengthens everything from the back to your core and glutes. As you move up and down, you'll work the tricepsand shoulders as well as the abs and lower back.

Upright Rows

The upright row targets many large muscles throughout the shoulders and upper back. Performing this exercise regularly is likely to accelerate your muscle growth and strength in your back, biceps, and shoulders.


Superman strengthens your lower back, works your glutes, builds up your core. This helps provide spinal support, reduces the risk of back injury, and helps you carry out regular activities of daily living, such as bending and lifting.

Bent Over Row

Bent-over rows are another compound exercise that strengthens your shoulders, forearms, core and lower body. This can help promote better back posture, balance, core stability and strength.