September 15, 2022 2 min read

Knee friendly workouts help to strengthen and stabilize the knee to help reduce pain and improve function.

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Which is caused by imbalances or poor flexibility in the muscles around the knees.

It is important to perform stretching and strengthening exercises that target these large, strong muscles—which are responsible for protecting your knees. Equipment like resistance bands and a stability ball help take away some of the strain placed on your joints.

If your knee issues are a result of lack of strength and joint stability, by doing some of these workouts, you’ll be able to strengthen your knees and surrounding muscles.

1.Single-Leg Deadlift

Target: Hamstrings, Glutes, quads, lower back

Benefit: This exercise also improves balance and posture and increases leg muscle strength. Always select a weight that allows you to have full control of your body throughout the movement.

2.Reverse lunge

Targets: hamstrings and glutes.

Benefit: If you suffer from knee pain or joint problems, reverse lunges may be a safer, more comfortable alternative. The reverse lunge is a bodyweight and leg exercise that works multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously. This exercise puts a lot less strain on your joints—which is perfect if you have any knee issues, which also helps the development of your hamstrings and glutes, improving your balance.

3.Resistance Band Lateral Walk

Target: Glutes, hip, Inner and outer thighs

Benefit: strengthen the hip abductors—particularly the gluteus medius—and increase stability of the knee joint. This exercise strengthens the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus, helps to stabilize your knees and hips, and prevents injury.

4.Clamshell Exercise

Targets: glutes

Benefit: This knee-friendly exercise targets the glutes—specifically the gluteus medius,a smaller butt muscle that helps your legs move out to the side (a movement called abduction).This exercise is highly recommended if you are looking for an exercise for your knees, back, hip, and legs. This exercise helps to activate your glutes, decreased risk of injury throughout the entire lower body.

5.Single-leg Glute Bridge

Targets: Glutes , hamstrings Core, hip flexors, knee extensors

Benefit: This exercise strengthens the core as well as the muscles of your back and helps to stabilize your spine. Single-leg glute bridge improve full body function and health as strong glutes positively impact the alignment and mechanics of the spine, pelvis, femurs, knees, ankles and feet. There’s no knee flexion in this exercise—instead, it’s centered on a hip-hinging motion—which makes it a good option for folks with knee issues.