October 21, 2022 2 min read

Strong core muscles are critical for improving your performance and maintaining balance, stability, and good posture in daily life.

Strong core muscles are critical for every sport, as well as everyday activities.
It also is crucial for improving your balance and stability, protects you from injury when combined with full body strength training, reduces lower back pain and stiffness.

It’s hard to strengthen a core muscle group without doing exercises to strengthen it. Scroll down to for lists of the best core strengthen exercises. 

1.Bear Crawl

This exercise works the shoulders, chest and back, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and core. The bear crawl is one of those few exercises that use almost all muscle groups. It forces your core to work harder, which makes it an excellent strength-building exercise.


'Deadlift targets all of the muscles responsible for your posture and helps you stand tall and confident,’ says Keiana Armani, certified fitness trainer and CEO of Indigobluestyle. Deadlifts is one ofmost strength-training workout thatcan be performed using a variety of training tools, with the barbell being the most common option. Deadlifts are an effective way to activate and strengthen the core muscles. 

3.Forearm Plank

Plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning, which targets your abs, back, core, glutes and hamstrings. It improves posture and counteracts the effects of prolonged sitting and doing computer work.

4.Glute Bridge

This exercise targets glutes, hamstrings, core and transverse abdominiswhich is suitable for beginners. Although this exercise targets the butt area, the glute bridge does a great job of activating and strengthening your core stabilizer muscles.

5.Ball Crunch

Ball crunch exercise stabilizing on the ball works the entire core. It also helps increase lower back strength, support the spine, promote better posture and prevent lower back injury.