Empower Your Inner Empress

Early in a young lady’s life, she invests in her fashion. At some point, typically the transition from a young lady to a woman, she seeks to express herself through her style. During this metamorphosis, she becomes fearless and ready to impact the world! Her mission in life becomes clear: to create a balanced existence. Her style is her way of expressing her personal interpretation of fashion and the lifestyle she is creating, boldly and unapologetically.


In 2015 Keiana Armani created Indigo Blue Style with a dream of simply helping women discover their personal style. This dream eventually became more vivid:

Our mission is to empower women to take the journey of uncovering their truest form of self. We do this by providing the latest fashion news, fashion history, style inspiration, health & fitness tips, beauty and etiquette advice to guide each woman to a life of confidence - empowering their inner empress.

In addition our International Podcast furthers our mission to educate, inspire, and empower. Indigo Blue Style is more than a lifestyle It's a Global Movement!

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